Crown Royal Vs. Canadian Club

There are more than enough whiskey blogs out there, but I’m only gonna deal with 2 here. Crown and Canadian Club. I would have done the more typical Crown vs. Jack Daniels, which would have been the more dubious American vs. Canadian, but I dont drink JD (I love it. Its a great burbon-family thing, along with other good ones like Jim Beam and Wild Turkey). They’re 2 totially different things anyways.

CR and CC are both somewhat close in a lot of respects, which is why I want to compare them. CC is the underdog, probably accounting for some of its appeal. If you want to mix some whiskey cocktail for your social gettogether, you’d want to use CC over crown, simply because its cheaper. Crown is really the best for drinking it straight or neat. Crown is more spiced tasting than CC, whereas CC is kinda more cheap tasting and ‘burnt’ by comparison. It’s a little more raw and watery. However, this may only be noticeable to whiskey drinkers, I’m not entirelly sure.
Crown is also smooth as hell and crisp, and also more ‘golden’ if that makes sense.

Dont get me wrong, Canadian Club is an awesome blend, but not something you would feel happy serving to other people, because in the back of your mind, you know where that extra money for crown goes. However if you like whiskey, there’s no reason not to enjoy CC. It’s different, but doesnt leave as much flem in your sinuses the next morning as Crown does (Which I must take into consideration).

The verdict:

Crown Royal:
It’s a good malt, with a goldy smooth-tangy aftertaste thats more wet than dry. It doesnt have an especially strong smell either, which is nice. Occationally comes with a little velvet pouch, which is good for you collecters of little useless things.

Canadian Club:
A simple good tasting blend thats equially wet and smooth as crown, but lacks a bit in taste. It has less of a scotch taste than crown does, whereas crown has a more ‘fuller’ taste.

The Winner:
In this round, it goes to Crown. Maybe this was an unfair comparison, but some would beg to differ. Both brands are brewed soley in Canada and both are good whiskey, but if you like that golden after-taste, you are going to head for that little bottle shaped like a crown (dispite Canadian Club bottles being eaiser to open because of a pain in the ass plastic wrap thing on Crown bottles)

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2 Comments on “Crown Royal Vs. Canadian Club”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Thank you very much for your verdict… I had a feeling Crown was going to win, but having not tasted CC in a while, I wanted someone’s opinion before I tested the waters with it again.

    • practicalplayground Says:

      Whiskey scares me because of the whole gut ulcers thingy, but i’d feel kinda missing out , if I didn’t have a ‘ hard whiskey’ period of my life

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